People, like you

We sing the hymn and praise chorus, “I am the church. You are the church. We are the Church, together. All around the world, all who follow Jesus, yes we are the Church, together.” [ref.] as a reminder that the church is not about buildings and locations, it is about the real people who make up the church, the present body of Christ in the world.

As church members, we are people growing in faith and practice of being God’s people known as the church. Church people worship, witness, study, support, and serve. You will find examples of how we do these things on this site, but you can experience them in person on our campus at 3477 Peavine Road and Highway 95 in the heart of Rock Spring, Georgia.

Our simple guide as United Methodist is to (1) do no harm, (2) do all the good we can, and (3) practice growing in worship, witness, study, support, and service.