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Good Morning!
I am Kristen Pettit, your new Director of Children and Youth Ministries at Rock Spring United Methodist Church. I am thrilled to work alongside of you to bring greater glory to the Kingdom of God through our children and youth ministries.
I will be sending out a monthly e-newsletter that will include everything you need to know about Children and Youth Ministries and resources to support parents and volunteers. This e-newsletter will be followed by short weekly reminders and updates.
Rock Spring UMC has so much to offer for anyone wanting to be involved. There are opportunities for children, youth, support for parents/guardians, and a multitude of diverse ways that adults can volunteer. Currently, I am meeting with parents/guardians and volunteers one-on-one to get to know the people of Rock Spring. Please reach out to schedule a time to talk.
I look forward to speaking with you more!
Kristen Pettit

Volunteers Needed!

Rock Spring UMC ministers to children and youth in many different ways throughout the week. We have openings to match anyone’s lifestyle. You can sign-up as often as you are available or be added to the rotation. We have hands-on and behind the scenes needs. Whether you are wise or young, we have needs for everyone. It takes the whole congregation to nurture and support our children and youth and their parents/guardians. Please respond to this email or contact me, Kristen Pettit, to talk about how you can give your time, talents, and resources. I look forward to partnering with you.

GROW Day Camp

Registration is now open for all rising 1st – 6th-grade students!
June 2021 (Pending)
$50 Scholarships are available for church members.
To register please visit:


Six Flags Trip: We are going to Six Flags! 6th – 12th Grade Students are invited. We will leave Saturday, May 26 at 8:30 am,  $25 per ticket + park spending $