Prayer Quilts

The Prayer Quilters work each Wednesday evening to make nearly 60 quilts each year. These quilts are prayfully designed, constructed, quilted and presented to the congregation to add prayers and tie knots to signify the many prayers for the specific person and the individual needs of that person. There is no charge for the quilts. The one requirement is that the person receiving the quilt needs to make a written or emailed request for themselves with their specific prayer request.

Many quilt recipients have requested quilts for different medical situations, while others have asked for quilts and prayers for more personal and relational needs. Prayer shawls are also available for caregivers who request them.

The Prayer Quilt Ministry operates on donations and participation the annual Show & Sell festival. The estimated material and time for each quilt is $50. With joy, they have made over 300 quilts and look forward to preparing one for you or someone you know who would find this a blessing and encouragement.

Contact: Gail Cordell