Leadership Team

We have a unified governance leadership team that conducts all the business of the church. All members are welcome to attend and can share ideas and concerns at each monthly meeting (3rd Thursdays). [Some HR topics will be conducted privately, given the nature of the topics]. The hope and goal are to have as much transparency and participation from the whole congregation with a streamlined structure to keep us growing and responding to ministry and structure needs as they develop and to be working into the future God is calling us to serve.

These are our 2021 leaders (1/3 roll off each year.)

  • Shonda: Office*  (706) 810-8199
  • Melanie: Accounting* (706) 810-8199
  • John: Pastor* (706) 810-8199 or (404)323-5646 Cell
  • Terri and Doug: Worship*
  • Chris: Worship* 
  • Kristin: Children* and Youth* Ministries
  • Amy: Leadership Team Chair
  • Dee Dee: Personel and Staff-Parish Relationship 
  • Phill: Trustee matters 
  • Gail: Prayer Quilts
  • Melissa: Education
  • Kristin: Children and Youth Ministries
  • Tracey: Mission work
  • Dylan: Lay Delegate – Lay Servant to NG Anual Conference
  • Drew: Lay Leader
  • Jennifer: Communications 

(* Notes leaders who are paid-staff)